Monday, April 30, 2012

Stuff stuff and more stuff!

Oh my gosh! Graduation is almost here and I am so so so so SO excited!!!  It's so hard to be in school anymore I feel like it's pointless lol :)  But I'm trying not to let my grades slip..but that means I'm also slacking a bit haha.  I'm going to get some invites done too! I'll probably make them myself just cuz I can :)  OH! And I owe a big fat thanks to my Aunt Kris and Uncle Shawn for my senior pictures! You guys are great :)  Plus you took me to D.C. for graduation and that was pretty sweet :) So thanks a bagillion!
So much has happened lately :)  Um.... lets see.... Megan had her baby, Silvie.  And I made her a blanket which was nice I think :)  You know, for a first timer's blanky.  haha!  Um....gosh just school dragging on and on is big!  I guess a lot really hasn't happened now that I think about it.  The best though is Me and Ian are back together :) And I know my Aunts and everybody will read this and make fun of me so.... ewwy gewwy mooshy moosh moosh!!! Take that Kris!!!!  Lol he is a really great guy and he treats me right :) I was a little worried he might ask me to wait for him though....he's going on a mission.  But he told me he wants me to date other guys while he's gone.  Which I was going to do anyways.  I definitely wouldn't mind being single when he gets back though!  I think if we got serious when he got back and seriously try things out that good things could happen.  But we'll just have to wait and see. So for now we're together until we decide what to do when the time comes.  Haha I like it like that.  I worry too much about the future so from now on I'm just gonna go with it. :) Less Stress that way :) Also, I think it's really cute that he told me to date other guys.  Makes me feel like he trusts me even though I know it's hard for him to trust me... :( Now that's a complicated story.  Man my family must think I'm so stupid :P  I DON'T CARE WHAT MY FAMILY THINKS ABOUT MY CHOICES WITH GUYS!!! not like I don't know what I'm doing.  I just try to do the right thing.  It honestly bugs me that they always act like I'm some big player and date a thousand guys.  >:(  I have only had two serious boyfriends. That's it.  Yeah, I had other "boyfriends"  but seriously?  they weren't serious at all compered to the other two. I have kissed five guys.  yeah I'm like almost only 18 but that's like none compared to most other people.  I'm a good girl and when my family tells me I get around it hurts my feelings.  Because I don't.
ANYWAYS! I made myself a little angry just now lol :P Um.... yeah! Life is dragging right now except for The seeing Ian and having fun with friends :) Going to the drive in Friday with my friends and my incredible boyfriend!!! so excited!!! :) We're seeing the avengers too so I'm pretty stoked :)